Monday, April 27 7:15-8:45pm

Herbs and Candle Magick 

This class with begin with a brief lecture on color Magic (how to select an appropriate candle color) and a brief overview of some herbs/oils for your spells. The rest of the class will be hands on where you will carve, dress, and bless a 7 day candle to take home with you. All supplies provided if you register by Thursday April 23rd. When you call to register please include your candle choice. 

Late registration sign ups may not include your 7 day candle so if you register after the 23rd be prepared to bring your own candle. (Note: class is on a Tuesday so enchantments will not be open for last minute candle purchases) 

Candle choices: 

1) Abundance   

2) come to me (attraction) 

3) love healing  

4) creativity 

5) increasing psychic energy 

6) being in someone's thoughts 

7) finding love (for general open doorways to love- not to be used to encourage attraction from a specific person) 

8) finding a new home 



pre registration : $55 all supplies included ! Register Online  

Late sign up pre-reg (24-27) $55 but you must bring your own 7 day pull out candle 

Walk in : $65 and bring your own candle. 

Early registration encouraged!





Healing with 
Lily Flower Essences

Julia Graves at Flower Power

Saturday, May 9 , from 10 am to 12 noon

Come to share Julia's vision of lily flower essences as a medicine wheel, the wheel of life, and ongoing spiral of personal transformation. The Lily Circle accompanies us on our journey from birth to death, and through all stages of becoming and passing in daily life. Important for people of all ages, they balance emotions and heal depression into joy, grief into love and forgiveness, confusion into clarity. Lily essences enhance intuition, spiritual aspirations and female consciousness. They are also important in addressing fertility and relationship issues for men and women alike. Easy to use, they can help us overcome the challenges of our lives.
Register Online!