The Wise Woman/Green Witch Tradition follows a simple philosophy. One of Common Sense and trusting our intuition and our connection with Mother Earth.

Realizing and appreciating the Perfection that exists in Nature, thus ourselves, our individual natures. Allowing our Uniqueness to exist in synergy with everyone else's. Trusting our bodies, and listening to our higher minds. Nourishing our bodies as well as our spirits. Excluding nothing, Negating nothing. Instead practicing Acceptance. Accepting every life experience, as an opportunity for growth and transformation. Placing Quality before Quantity.

The Wise Woman Tradition does NOT employ fear based rationales. Rather following Faith, Hope and Positive methods of thought.

With all due respect to the various traditions that exist, the Wise Woman Tradition does not follow rigid belief systems.  

We dance along the spiral path. Ackowledging and honoring the uniqueness of each moment, each circumstance, as an opportunity to learn, incorporate and evolve.  There are no healers outside of one's own psyche. The Wise Woman Tradition recognizes only the Healer Within each and every Individual.

Prevention through Nourishing and Fortifying Herbs, Foods and Attitudes is encouraged. If faced with dis-ease, approaching it as an avenue for growth, accepting the steps necessary to be undertaken with the least amount of resistance, practicing gentility and common sense.

Change is the only constant in the Wise Woman Tradition.

Lata Chettri Kennedy 1993