Wild Womb part. I

Herbs and Conversations in our Bodies



Monday, October 29th

7:30 - 9:00 pm


This is the first of an ongoing series promoting body literacy and feminine empowerment. Do you have questions about your body? Curious how to best support your hormonal health?
Real talk on female anatomy, how to find your cervix, understanding signs of fertility and what you can do every day to support your reproductive health- the herbal way!


Kaeleigh is a full-spectrum doula and reproductive health educator. She works with people to navigate their fertility and to increase body literacy. The medical and education systems have failed most of us and in her work she’s hoping to bridge the massive gaps left for us. Kaeleigh is an apprentice at Flower Power and loves learning and talking with people about their bodies and is so excited to be on the self-empowerment journey along with all the lovely people of this community. Kaeleigh came to herbalism through self healing and feeling ignored and unsupported by allopathic medicine. Plant medicine to overthrow patriarchy!