photo by Irina E. Adam

 We have, due to popular demand... continued to create two magical anointing oil blends: "Beyond the Veil" and "Come to me".  and now these are available without prior request!


Now you can purchase our Urban Herbal Solutions tea blends, such as VIBRANCE, Love Potion # 9, Chill out and everyones Favorite: Screamin' Power Flower Blend in ....TINS!!!  These tins are steel,  refillable and really quite attractive, since our favorite artist Pat Redding Scanlon's created the labels!  We have wonderful Mugs with the logos and recipes on the back as well.  We will put up photos of them soon, but do stop in and check them out.

 Lata Chettri-Kennedy has created four salves: one called Herb Ease: antiviral, excellent for cold sores, herpes simplex and the like.  It available in an adorable tiny tin.  Also Come Free: made with Comfrey root and shea butter, for cuts, scrapes everywhere..... especially down there!!!  She also makes Burn Balm: with St. Johnswort and Lavender Oils in Shea Butter and also a Kava Kava Salve for muscle aches and pain relief.

By popular demand we have Floracopeia essential oils.  Simples as well as blends.  

We FINALLY have Flower Power T shirts.. 100% cotton for men and women... A must have for Herbal enthusiasts!!!  

We have a lot of other great new stuff.  Six different kinds of SALT, Magnetic Spice jars, hundreds of soft, cuddly Dream pillows, really pretty Tea infusers, ...., fairy books, Herbals, Astrology Books, Gem elixirs......... The list goes on.....

Don't forget the WeMoon Calendar and date books, The witches datebooks, the Pocket astrologer, We are still stocked with these wonderful annual favorites.