The Store

Flower Power Herbs & Roots, Inc.

406 East 9th Street

(Between Avenue A and First Avenue)

New York, NY 10009

Open EVERYDAY (except major holidays!)
12:00 P.M. till 7:00 P.M.



We opened in 1993, and the store was on East First Street, between Ave A and First Avenue, it was beautiful. We had a garden inside the store as well as in the back yard. Unfortunately, a few months later we lost our lease and moved to 406 East Ninth Street (also between Avenue A and First Avenue) in December 1994. We have been here since then and many people stop by and visit everyday.

The space is cozy, the walls are lined with jars of vibrant herbs, hanging from the ceiling are more herbs, it has no garden, but it is definitely a parlor for all herbal enthusiasts to come visit, ask questions, restock on hard to find high-quality products, go gaga over the incredibly wonderful products we offer, or just to smell the enticing aromas of the incenses that we burn and bask in the warm and loving environment.