The Liver
(one can not live without it)

Being alive in this day and age, puts us in contact with harmful pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides, medications, and other chemicals that our body may be able to process, or sadly, due to the sheer volume of such “toxins” may not be able to process.
Headaches, pain any where in the body, exhaustion, allergies, digestive disorders, skin issues are among many other symptoms that herald a simple fact. Better your LIVER.

The liver plays a major role in maintaining health and overcoming disease. Fibrinogen, the blood clotting protien is made in the liver, as is Bile, and Vitamin A. The liver is where all the blood is oxygenated. Every minute, about 3 pints of blood filters through the liver. The liver regulates blood sugar levels by filtering out glucose and fructose and storing them as glycogen. The liver receives digested protiens as amino acids and fats as fatty acids which it then metabolizes for use by the body. The liver also stores vitamins and iron. The liver detoxifies our body from toxins such as drugs, alcohol, hormones and other poisons.

Milk Thistle seeds regenerate liver cells. It is very rich in Antioxidant flavonoids. Altering the structure of liver cell membranes so that toxins cannot penetrate it.
Dandelion Root enhances the flow of bile, which aids in the digestion of fats. Stimulates peristalsis. Dandelion is bitter, aperient, diuretic and tonic to the Kidneys and Urinary tract.
Turmeric Root is yet another strong Antioxidant herb, that has strong liver protecting constituents.
The following are but a few of the variety of Liver protecting Herbs that exist in Nature.
Boldo. Balmony, Burdock, Birch that is just stating a few of the B’s, but if one must only remember the B’s, B is for Bitter and the Bitter herbs are brilliant for the Liver.
Water: Our bodies contain 50 -70% water. We must ingest copious amounts of good filtered Water if we expect to allow our bodies to excrete all the toxins we host. Water is an excellent vehicle, once the liver is fortified to excrete all sorts of pollutants as well as keeping our cells fortified and hydrated.
Last, and certainly not the least, must be love. Loving our organs means fortifying them with plenty of water and wild or organically grown foods rich in nutrients.
Food: We must try to ingest only foods that have some nutritional value. If something is packaged with a long list of ingredients that you cannot easily pronounce, don't buy it. Believe it or not, most foods have no nutritional value whatsoever. Organically grown foods do fortify, Free range eggs, and meats might as well. Wild plants have more nutrients, and fiber than cultivated plants because they are naturally resistant to disease and climate conditions. Completely avoid GMOs.
Never buy milk or eggs that have antibiotics, hormones and other toxins that would debilitate, rather than fortify your body. Eat fresh whole foods, foods that will go bad in a couple of days if not eaten. Never eat foods laden with preservatives.

It is sad and incredible that we must be warned about things that we should be able to simply take for granted, But the powers that be seem to have let greed, not integrity be their guide. We must STOP directly or indirectly supporting the industries and corporations that are destroying our planet.

c. Lata Chettri Kennedy 2006