The Art of Botanical Perfume (Part I)

with Irina Adam, herbalist + perfumer @ Phoenix Botanicals

Thursday March 23,

Blend your own botanical perfumes, using decadent, healing aromatics made of flowers, woods & roots.
We will experience 15-20 botanical essences and how they interact; cover the basics of materials, perfume notes, blending techniques.
At least one hour will be dedicated to creating your own perfume oils to take home.
Get guidance from an experienced perfumer, have fun and get inspired.
Beginning & intermediate students welcome in this intimate workshop. Bring home two 5 ml custom perfumes plus a blend we create together.

Call to sign up as very few spots remain
Tuition: 30.00 plus materials fee
(please bring $40 materials fee paid directly to the instructor)
Class limit: 6-8 students.