• Marisol
    I went into the store looking for help and Lata gave me information about herbs in general. Thanks a lot for all the information you gave me Lata. I appreciate it a lot! You and the rest of the other women on staff are an amazing group of human beings. Hail to your talent, interest in helping people, infinite wisdom, knowledge and all the positive energy that the store emanates.
  • Subject: Flow where power sings green
    Message: I just found you on line, felt the spirit of your message and the message of your spirit in the words describing Flower Power and couldn't agree more. The healing energy, vibrancy, beauty, heart and love meets everyone before the door, at the curb, around the block before they even arrive! Your plants send the invitation, your staff compliments their light, and your name says it all. Best wishes.
  • Carmen
    Message: Hello, Lata, how are you? sorry for not writting you before, I wanted to pass by the store, but I have been very busy. I am leaving tomorrow and writting to you from an internet cafe. I hope you have a very nice summer with your family. Thanks for everything. Thank you for your care . You gave me a lot of comfort when I told you that my friend died. And you helped me to heal her. Thanks to Slippery Elm she felt relieved from her medication.
    Thanks for being there for people.
  • Dear Ms. Lata Kennedy,
    Thank you so much for everything.
    I would be very helpful for my uncle and aunt.
    They are so happy to hear that.
    I appreciate you.
    I would like to say thank you again,
    Sachiko Takahashi.
  • It was wonderful having you accompany us. I heard only favorable things. Thank you, for all the wisdom you are sharing with me. I feel blessed to have met you. I will keep in touch. May all the wisdom you pass on to others serve to bless you and those you love for eternity.
  • It always does my heart good to see you Lata, you are truly one of the most beautiful people that I have ever met.Om Shanti to you Lata and your family.