Oat (seeds in milk stage)
Avena Sativa
Belongs to the grain family Graminaceae.
Commonly called Oat grass or Oat straw, which would include the stalks, leaves as well as the seeds (HOPEFULLY, because the grain is very nutritious and fortifying to the endocrine, nervous, reproductive as well as cardiovascular systems.)
Oats are rich in protien, amino acids and fiber, Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Iron, Phosphorous, Vitamin B complex (Thiamine, Niacin, Folic acid among others), Vitamins A, C and K.
Simply speaking, consuming Oats would be incredibly beneficial for everyone. OverAchieving Alphamales, or Alphafemales, Athletes, Pregnant women, Mothers, Menopausal women, Adolescents, Children, as well as Convalescents,
Avena Sativa is nourishing and fortifying to the musculoskeletal system. It improves bone density. Facilitating the reduction of Cholestrol, as well as the improving the elasticity of the capillaries, veins and arteries, thus benefiting the Circulatory system. It regulates the Adrenal glands, It is calming to the Nervous system. In cases of drug withdrawal, Oats are invaluable as a nervine in reducing and easing delirium tremens. It stabilizes blood sugar levels. In the Digestive tract, and also in the Reproductive organs, Avena provides lubrication (in addition to all the nourishing and fortifying). Also, due to the fact that Avena Sativa is so very fortifying to the various systems in the body, it also is quite rightfully touted as an aphrodisiac!!!
Oat tea, being excellent for almost all systems in the body, Oat tincture as a specific for the Nervous and Reproductive Systems, Oats YET have much more to offer, in external uses; as baths, poultices and scrubs.
In the case of anything itchy or painful, Oat baths are unprecedented. In general Oat soaks, masks or scrubs are very soothing and nourishing to the skin. In cases of Poison Ivy or Oak, Oat baths, combined with infusions of Oat internally are the most effective. Oats are very much a Beauty herb. Ingesting Oat is an excellent protocol for a healthy glow for your Skin, Hair and Nails, certainly is bathing or scrubbing with Oats. Avena Sativa is fantastic! Inside and Out!
Oats are cultivated all over the world. It is best harvested when the seed is in the milk stage, not yet mature.

Copyright Lata Chettri Kennedy 2006