Lata Chettri-Kennedy, Our founder and resident Green Witch, was born under the auspices of a mutable square in the year of the Fire horse in the same country that birthed and nutured BodhiDharma. As a child prodigy apprenticing under various grand mothers and yogis, she cultivated much information about the secret life of Plants. Fate led her to emigrate to the United States where, trusting her instincts, she started experimenting with American Herbs.
Not satisfied studying under a stiff patriarchal order, she found herself taken under the wings of some Wise Woman Herbalists. The Wise Women, trying to deprogram society from the narrow confines of a male defined world, exerted great influence on Lata and helped solidify mentally what she already knew instinctively.

In 1993, she founded Flower Power Herbs and Roots, Inc. Many, many people have since benefited from Our loving environment and nourishing herbs and have become well versed in the subtle powers of flowers.  Lata is a local visiting faculty member of Arborvitae school of Traditional Herbalism in New York City.  Lata is also an educator for Herb Pharm.

For fun she sings and records with her band the Weeds.