AstroLuna: A Moon Circle with Anais of Mystical Mandrake Root

Full Moon in Gemini edition!

When: Friday, December 1st 2017

Time: 8pm - 9:30pm

Price: $20

On this night we gather to connect, to share, and to move through the energy of the upcoming Gemini Full Moon. The night will be filled with ceremony, oracle cards, and astrology! No previous knowledge of astrology required. We will discuss what this moon means for us on both a collective and personal level based on our charts. At the end of the night you will leave with insight into the moon, sample exercises to tap into its energy and more!

Please bring:

Something comfortable to sit on (cushion, pillow or mat)

A journal & pen

Your birth chart

Space extremely limited to 13 spots. Minimum of 4 needed for the circle to take place.