1. What is the difference between taking encapsulated herbs, teas or extracts?
    Answer: Teas, or better yet Infusions (See Articles: How to make water based preparations) are a great way to ingest the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that an herb offers. Tinctures (alcohol extracts) on the other hand offer more medicinal constituents of the herb since certain essential oils, resins and alkaloids are not water soluble. Tinctures are thus stronger medicinally, while teas are very nourishing and fortifying. Encapsulated herbs are first dried, powdered, and then encapsulated. After ingesting a capsule, digestion needs to take place before assimilation into the blood stream. Capsulated herbs may be useful for people with busy schedules and sensitive taste buds, however my favorites are definitely teas for some herbs such as Nettles, Red Clover and Oat straw, and Tinctures for other herbs such as Dandelion, Milk Thistle or Echinacea.


Hi Lata,
*Do you use honeysuckle (Lonicera sp.) for any remedies? If so, do you use the flowers to make a tincture? They are just starting to bloom. Do you make tinctures out of nettles
or just tea? If you make tinctures, do you use the leaves and stem or do you just use the flowers? Do you make tinctures out of blueberries and blackberries?*

Honeysuckle flowers and leaves have been used as an expectorant, for respiratory issues, asthma etc.as well as a laxative and liver tonic.
Nettles are great in tincture or tea, or you could use them as a green in soups etc. You would use the leaves, seeds, the roots as well.
Blue berries and blackberries are so tasty, why bother with a
tincture? Make a syrup though.