Energy Cleansing


Rebecca Fey

Sunday, October 28

10 am till 11:45




Whether you are preparing a ritual space or just trying to clear off the energies of a chaotic day cleansing yourself, your space, and your tools is an important part of magickal and spiritual practice. 

This class will begin with a lecture on cleansing practices including smudging, making cleansing baths, and herbs/resins for blessing as well as clearing. The lecture will be followed with a hands on exploration of several cleansing techniques discussed in class. Students will partner up and alternate practicing the cleansing techniques on one another under instructor guidance. You’ll leave this class with new knowledge and clearer energy! 


Workshop fee: $30

Supply fee : $15 paid directly to Rebecca Fey

Advanced signup required. 

This class has a 3 person minimum to run.