Eleutherococcus Senticosus

Commonly known as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero belongs to the family Araliaceae. Panax Quinquefolius is also from the same family, but it does not belong to the same genus. The root of this prickly shrub is the part used. It is a native of Siberia, Korea and China.
Rich in triterpenoid saponins, Eleuthero has been found to have monoamine oxidase inhibiting properties in laboratory tests on animals. It is an excellent adaptogen, benefiting the adrenal glands. It is valued due to its ability to help the body cope with stress, caused by either internal or external issues.
Although it is not stimulating nor sedating, Eleuthero often has such an effect when used by some people for the first time. This is due to its modulating effect on the adrenals, which in these cases are obviously dealing with the negative effects of one or more types of stress. Eleuthero helps the body rejuvenate both physically, as well as emotionally. It helps maintain and increase the immune system’s ability to fight invasive organisms. It is helpful to athletes to enhance performance and retain stamina, to people withdrawing from pharmaceutical or narcotic drugs as well for people using therapies such as radiation and chemo.
Eleuthero is ingested in a tea, infusion or a tincture. Its benefits are noticed immediately, but used over a period of time it is also incredibly beneficial to undo the negative effects of prolonged stress.

copyright Lata Chettri Kennedy 2003