Artichoke Leaf

Cynara Scolymus


Yet another excellent liver tonic from the Asteraceae family.  Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Chicory, Burdock, Calendula are all in this family.  We eat the bracts of the Artichoke plant as a delicious food.

Contains phenolic acids, cynarin, caffeic acid, flavonoids, phytosterols, enzymes, volatile oils and inulin.

The leaves are extremely bitter and thus possess properties that benefit the liver as well as the gall bladder.

Artichoke leaf restores liver function, promoting liver cell regeneration.  By increasing bile production, it helps the body metabolize fats.  Helps maintain cholesterol levels.

Artichoke leaf is an excellent remedy for digestive issues.  Relieves nausea, bloating, gas and cramps in the digestive tract.  

All bitters encourage our bodies to produce more digestive juices as well as enzymes that help break down foods we ingest, rid the body of pathogens that sometime enter with food, assimilate the nutrients, regulate blood lipids, maintain gut flora and also enable the body to evacuate the waste products via the kidneys and large intestine.


Lata Chettri-Kennedy