Apprenticeships in Flower Essence Therapy


Linda Cohen

October 21st APPRENTICESHIP BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!   @ Flower Power 10am (please come 10 minutes early)- noon

The first (of 9, once a month on a Saturday from 10-noon at Flower Power) session of The Apprentice Program.  I am splitting the fee for the program which is total of $250 in 2 payments.  The first payment of $125 is due at session 1- the second payment is due at the 5th session probably in February but I don’t have a specific date yet.

Again, strongly! Recommended that people register and pay ahead of time, though they can register and pay at the first session.

  The Apprenticeship Program start October 21st – with student’s registration and one half the $250 total fee of $125 payable on or preferably before the start of the Program on October 21.  


*Register and pay with Flower Power:   212-982-6664

406 East 9th Street Just East of First Ave


Bach & FES Certified Linda Cohen – 9 Circles at Flower Power----See Bottom for dates etc.

            I am offering apprenticeships to serious students of the healing arts to expand and hone their interest and skills in Flower Essence Therapy.  In its 11th year, The Apprenticeship Program is the crown jewel of my flower essence work.  With dedicated students, a formal but flexible structure, and the rich-green go-ahead light of Nature, coupled with our creative selves, this program is truly an adventure in personal healing as well as a profound arena in which to learn flower essence therapy, a time-honored, rapidly growing holistic healing art.

            We will explore and address our own on-going healings and self-actualizations using flower essences, as well as develop Flower Essence Therapy as either a primary or complimentary therapy to our own individualized healing practices. You are given monthly assignments, going ‘round the “Circle of Life”- from the emotional self, which begins forming in utero… to the Spiritual Self which continues to develop throughout our lives.  I have divided the chronological/multi-self-evolutionary process into 9 segments, or months -from the “Feeling Self” all the way to “the Earth as a living Being.”  You’ll be asked questions and asked to choose appropriate flower essences in hand-outs I provide.  With the essences and your answers to monthly questions we will grow and evolve to make the best choices for ourselves as we let go of dysfunctional patterns to raise our personal frequencies for improved health and well-being.

            While I ask a lot of each student, all “work” is tailored to: (1) a love of the flower essences and their very special actions as healing elixirs AND; (2) a passion for creativity and fun, a willingness to go deep.  We are, each of us, creative artists using the entire rainbow spectrum of vibrational medicine without limits to further our and others’ “higher destiny Starpaths,” simply.... “following our dreams to help build healthier and more fulfilled lifestyles for ALL BEINGS.”  This will be a highly supervised, yet at the same time, exquisitely independent study program and Fun!

            This program is unique - I know of none other. It is experimental in the best sense- as well as pioneering.  We will develop our “Flower Essence Voices” and unique styles of treatment based on sound protocols for diagnosis, complementary healing modalities utilized for optimum results, and acquiring a working knowledge of flower essences from several highly esteemed systems.  *Each month we will meet at Flower Power as a Sacred Circle of Healing Seekers to share our experiences an create an energetic web of healing amongst ourselves.

            Healing work will not be “goal oriented” in terms of having strong attachments to specific results- but rather be “process-focused” on awareness and what is needed in the moment to be transformative and uplifting…aiming to relieve suffering and promote wellness...with a sense of wonderment and discovery, in the Spirit of holistic health, rather than “judging” our or our clients’ experiences.  More of an open airy ride so to speak.  Yet a ride which will give us greater tools and personal vision to navigate our health, careers and avocations with honesty, integrity, compassion, awareness, fun and fulfillment and connection to the global community.

Topics We Will Cover:

-  A deep understanding and experience of Flower Essence Therapy and individual essences.

-  Developing a comprehensive repertoire of flower essences for healing.

-  A complete overview of how to work with others using Bach & FES flower essences.

-  A commitment to developing our unique healing styles.

-  A delving into our creative natures using flower essences and additional creative tools. 

-  Understanding how to incorporate a “healing mindset” or “lifestyle upgrade attitude” for life.

-  Envisioning and ACTING on what comes next for each of us.

- We will review each month’s material in open honest conversation..   In addition to the 9 Circles, each student must, at some time, book one private session w/ Linda ($30).

Students are responsible for ALL SESSIONS but can physically miss up to 3, to be paid for and made-up with Linda or on your own with the handouts from that month.

Each student will receive a lovely certificate of completion of in-depth Apprenticeship Study Program with me in Flower Essence Therapy at our final session.


Fee: $250: to be paid $125 at Circle 1 AND  $125 at Circle 5.   Plus one $30 private with Linda.  Each student must purchase an FES Repertory, the one essential.  You do not have to bring book to class.

Linda Cohen Ph: 212-957-7722 25 Central Park West (17H) @62nd Street near Columbus Circle. -See Side Two of this handout & for more info.