Practice sessions

with Linda Cohen


As a follow to The Apprenticeship Program, or for anyone who wants to hone their counseling skills, Linda will facilitate 2 practice sessions at Flower Power.  They will be “mock” or made up issues for you, the counselors to interview “clients” made up of fellow apprentices and help to create affirmations, choose flower essences, and present a full regular session to each of your practice clients, going through the entire process with Linda serving as back-up to help you offer your client the best possible session and essences, singly or as dosage or formula bottles.  This is invaluable information for all beginners or those who need to brush up.

Also- as part of The Apprenticeship Program now that the full body of work is over I am having 2 practice sessions at Flower Power.  They are 1)  July 22nd, from 10-12 - $20 


August 19th from 10-12 - $20.

It is preferable that you register by contacting Linda Cohen by email and let her know which sessions you’d like to attend and pre-pay her by sending your check for one or two sessions to:

Linda Cohen

25 Central Park West  17H

New York, New York 10023


You can also arrange private practice sessions with Linda, when she is available.


Please call the shop 212-982-6664 for more information or to register